Youth Team Sports

  1. Eligibility


    Roanoke County residents ages 6 to 18 may participate in our youth leagues. Learn more about other requirements.

  2. How to Register

    How to Register

    Find out where your local recreation league is and how to sign up. Open to Roanoke County residents only.

  3. Conduct Policies

    Conduct Policies

    Coaches, participants and parents agree to follow our no tolerance policy when they participate in any sanctioned sport program.

  4. Rules & Regulations

    Rules & Regulations

    Team sports rules may vary by recreation club, depending on their affiliation. Learn about them here.

  1. Schedules


    Quickly find the youth athletics schedules you're looking for by following this link.

  2. Cancellation Information

    Cancellation Information

    Learn about our inclement weather policies and procedures.

  3. Directions to Game Sites

    Directions to Game Sites

    Find out how to get to our most frequently visited fields and athletics complexes.

  4. NFL Flag

    NFL Flag

    NFL Flag

  1. Programs & Clinics

    Programs & Clinics

    Visit our online registration site to browse year-round athletics programs and sign up!

  2. Summer Camps

    Summer Camps

    We offer summer programs in every major sport, to keep your kids active while school is out.

  3. Athletics Volunteers

    Athletics Volunteers

    Find out how to become a coach on a Roanoke County team!

  4. Coach Screening and Credentialing Policy

    Coach Screening and Credentialing Policy